2nd EMUNI Research Souk (EMUNI ReS)
The Euro-Mediterranean Student Research Multi-conference
Living Together in the Multi-cultural Society

14 Jun 2010 EMUNI Research Souk is: A multi-conference, implementing at the same time at EMUNI members in different countries of Euro-Mediterranean region; A student research conference, participants are stimulated to present their project on UfM priorities (De-pollution of the Mediterranean, Maritime and Land Highways, Civil Protection, Alternative Energies: Mediterranean Solar Plan, Higher Education and Research, Euro- Mediterranean University, The Mediterranean Business Development Initiative); An EMUNI contribution to multicultural dialogue and mutual understanding among people. The Euro-Mediterranean area is a region of continuously evolving and intense economic, cultural, political and social interaction and exchange between peoples of different cultural, ethnic and religious origin, basing on a common historical background and shared democratic values. Research Souk 2010 with the title Living Together in the Multi-cultural Society will try to tackle these issues and contribute to the importance of "living together" or a better future for all of us. For ReSouk Programme Booklet Click Here Yehia Halim ZakyJoseph MifsudAndreu ClaretHind HanafyMohamed Ibrahim HsairiAhmad Khalaf MasadehKyriaki PapageorgiouAbdel Kader El Benna
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