A Review of Past Experience

14 Jan 2017 Since 9/11 the “War on Terror” has been the dominant form of confrontation between the civilized world and the merchants of hate and the artisans of terror. But there were other earlier campaigns of terror and governments managed to defeat them. From the IRA in the UK, to the OAS in France, and from the FARC in Colombia (the longest such campaign in history) to the GIA in Algeria and the Jama’at Islamiyya in Egypt (who assassinated President Sadat) all have lessons to teach us about how democratic regimes and centralized power confronted these challenges, and the insights that can be gained from these experiences. So what can we learn of previous terrorist campaigns and how they were confronted? Khaled AzabRosalia Arteaga Serrano Lobna ShattabShahira Amin
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