Proposals for Action: In the Western World

15 Jan 2017 The challenges in Europe, where societies must adapt to having significant Muslim minorities in their midst, pose difficult problems and will require imaginative solutions. But Europe has achieved its enormous successes due to visionaries such as Monet and Schumann. It gave birth to the European Union on the old continent, rising like a phoenix from the blood bath of the Second World War. A lattice of former enemies becoming allies; a community of nations. It succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Within a generation young people from France and Germany could no longer imagine their countries going to war. Today that vision has stalled. The economic crisis and the rising tide of migrants as well as the growth of alienated, mostly Muslim, minorities within the countries of the EU are posing new problems. In this session we will try to draw out the best possible suggestions that emerged in the previous discussions in the various sessions, to identify general recommendations for ensuring security in a democratic society Alexander LikhotalBoris TadicKazuo TakahashiEka TkeshelashviliValdis Zatlers
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