Initiatives in Education, Science and Culture
Towards Enhanced US- Muslim Countries Collaborations

16 Jun 2010
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is organizing an international conference titled: "Initiatives in Education, Science and Culture Towards Enhanced US- Muslim Countries Collaborations" during the period from 16 to 18 June 2010. It will bring together a diverse group of scholars, clergymen, community leaders, political figures, education experts, university students, faculty members, technology consultants, and library professionals from the US, Egypt and many other countries around the world. The conference will be structured around three main themes: Education, Culture, and Science & Technology, exploring each of them in conjunction with four cross-cutting tracks, namely, Youth, IT, Media, and Women. The uniqueness of the proposed conference lies in that it will come up with a number of specific follow up projects and activities and will focus on building a digital social networking to connect people together, particularly youth. During the conference each of the three main themes will be discussed in general Plenary Session (Davos Style Discussion) with a specialized panel of experts, reflecting on and identifying the main areas of focus for the future. Each theme with each cross-section will be analyzed in further detail in individual parallel workshops. More importantly, one of the follow-up projects will be presented and discussed in the parallel workshops. It is worth mentioning that a number of universities, educational institutions and NGOs from the US, Egypt and other countries are committed to participate with the BA in the conference, in addition to the participation of three regional organizations: ISESCO, OIC and LAS.