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About the Webcast service As part of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s role as an incubator of knowledge and culture, the library hosts several hundred of lectures and conferences each year, exposing the local community to current perspectives, ideas, methodologies and initiatives taking place worldwide. In order to achieve its objectives of becoming Egypt’s window on the world and the world’s window on Egypt, the BA has found it necessary to open new methods of communication and deliverance of knowledge, thus launching the BA webcasting service.

The webcasting service provided at the BA consists of two different stages. The first consists of live transmissions of events taking place in the BA conference center. In the case where the transmitted event contains a PowerPoint presentation, the presentation will be displayed to the side of the video, moving in synchronization with the speaker. The system has many other advanced features, such as allowing viewers to ask questions online. The questions appear on the presenter’s computer and can be answered instantly. Furthermore, there is a “poll” feature where votes can be made online and results shown in a graph directly in the presentation. This has facilitated interactive participation in video conferences through the web.

The second stage of webcasting service consists of archived recordings of events; all transmitted events that have authorization to be archived will be available at the webcast service website. For the archived material, the user can search by title, speaker, event or key word, with full control to skip or rewind any part of the presentation.