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Mahmoud Abu-Zeid

Mahmoud Abu-Zeid (Egypt) is a Water Management expert who held the position of Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in the Egyptian Cabinet during 1997-2009. Earlier, he served as the President of the National Water Research Center, Egypt. With a doctorate in Groundwater Engineering from the University of California, USA, he has long international experience in teaching and research. He is presently the President of the Arab Water Council, having spearheaded the World Water Council; an International multi-stakeholder platform from its inception in 1996 up to 2003, and continues to be its Honorary President. Fellow of the Economic Development Institute in the World Bank, he is also on the UN Secretary-General Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB). He was the Chairman of the Governing Council of the African Water Facility during 2005-2009. Dr. Abu-Zeid has been awarded many prestigious national and international prizes; including the Medal of the Republic of First Order, the King Hassan II Great World Water Prize (2003) and the American Society for Irrigation and Drainage Award (1996).

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