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Ronald Laporte

PhD in Cognitive Psychology in 1977, Masters degree in Psychology, 1995, Masters degree in Epidemiology, 1981 •531 publications in Epidemiology, Global Health, and Internet •First Distinguished Teacher, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh 1989 •Lillienfeld Award, APHA for outstanding life time achievement in education •Former Director, WHO Collaborating Center, Department of Epidemiology •PI of the WHO multinational Project for Childhood Diabetes, involving 155 centers in 70 countries •1994 Developer, Global Health Network •2001 Developer of the Supercourse, 40,000 faculty, 6000 lectures teaching more than 50 million •2000 Developer of the Research Methods Library of Alexandria and BA Africa, 300,000 lectures, 2.1 million global faculty •Numerous funded national and international projects from NIH, and NASA •Kelly West Diabetes Epidemiology Award from the American Diabetes Association

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