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Women Issues: Toward a Contemporary Ijtihad/Islamic Reasoning

Women in the Quranic View: Fundamental Concepts
Amani Saleh, Amr Al-Wardani, Assem Hefny,Nadia Charkaoui
The bases of the relationship between women and men from a Quranic viewpoint. The concept of equality in the Quranic view. Open Discussion

Opening Session
Ismail Serageldin

Women and the Family System
Muhammad Naguib Awadein, Muhammad Salem Abou-Assy, Munjiya al-Sawayhi, Nevin Reda, Omaima Abubakr
The concept of Qawama (male guardianship or caretaking): A vision based on new Ijtihad. Family violence: A reading in the concept of beating and its interpretations. A more..

Women and the public sphere
Ibrahim al-Bayoumi Ghanem, Marwa Sharaf-eddin, Muhammad Abu-Zaid al-Amir, Muhammad Arnaut, Sawsan al-Sharief, Suhayla Zain al-Abedeen
The past, the present and the future. Women and political leadership: A reading in the concept of Wilaya (governance). The challenges to amending Muslim Family Law from an more..

Women Rights between Theoretical Fundamentals and Applied Practices
Fatima Hafiz, Fatima Lamderhri, Mayada al-Hassan, Zaki al-Milad
The right to Ijtihad and the production of knowledge. Open Discussion.