Bioenergy and Biofuels To Ransom People From Dark Age

14 Apr 2008 There are about 2 billion people that do not have access to energy as we know it. They are literally living in the DARK AGE! NO ENERGY MEANS NO EMPLOYMENT, LOW PRODUCTIVITY, NO INDUSTRY, NO AGREGATION OF VALUE TO PRODUCTION, NO CONSUMERS MARKET, DEFORESTATION, POOR SANITATION SERVICES, ILNESSES, HUNGER AND IGNORANCE! The world is global – poverty, hunger, ignorance is bad business to all. We have daily proofs of it everywhere. Festering interplay among poverty, infectious disease, and environmental degradation are declared as the true "axis of evil” by the Worldwatch Institute in its State of the World 2005 report. In its Millennium Statement, the WORLD ENERGY COUNCIL established three sustainability objectives, coined the 3 A’s: Accessibility to modern, affordable energy for all; Availability in terms of continuity of supply and quality and reliability of service; Acceptability in terms of social and environmental goals. And the requirements: Sustainability in terms of environment and return of investment Prices affordable by the poorer classes Diversification of energy sources Fragmented production and distribution HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THIS? HOW DO WE GO FROM PROMISSES TO PRACTICE IN BIOENERGY? HOW CAN BIOTECH HELP? We developed a business oriented closed loop concept for the efficient biomass based production of energies (biofuels, biogas and electricity) and proteins that addresses the quest for environmentally friendlier energies, cleaner production effluents and low cost feed, while answering this BIOVISIONALEXANDRIA and the WEC objectives. In several of these “productions”, biotechnology has an important contribution. We present that concept as one possible solution to mitigate the deficiency of energy in developing regions and the basic requirements to make it work. João de Carvalho
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