The First International Coptic Studies Conference

21 Sep 2010
The Coptic Studies Conference Life in Egypt during the Coptic Period Towns and Villages, Laymen and Clergy, Bishops and Dioceses This conference is the first of its kind to be held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Its main themes deal with life in ancient Egypt during the Coptic period. The conference will also discuss the different aspects of the Egyptian society and history. Conference Themes
1.History and Archeology in Egypt in the Byzantine Period
2.History and Archeology in Egypt in the Coptic Period
3.Minor Art in Coptic Egypt
4.Coptic Language, Architecture
5.Restoration (wood, metal work, textile, etc)
6.Coptic Icons and Murals
7.Touristic Sites Development
8.Environment, Architecture
9.Comparative Studies between Ancient Egyptian and Coptic Eras.