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Salah Soliman

Salah Ahmed Soliman, Professor of Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University (1986 to present). Visiting Scientist, US Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (1979-1982). Visiting Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch, (UTMB), Galveston, Texas, USA (1987-1988). Visiting Professor, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia (1988-1994). Member, Final Review Boards (FRBs), International Program on Chemical Safety (IPCS), World Health Organization (WHO) since 1992. Member, Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues, WHO/FAO JMPR, since 1999. Vice-Chairman, Steering Group on Risk Assessment (IPCS/SGRA, WHO), 1999 to present. Has more than 70 scientific papers in areas of neurotoxicity, pesticides and heavy metals monitoring and mode of actions published mostly in international journals. Constructed a number of Research Laboratories at the Department of Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology, Alex University through research projects funded by USEPA and other US and UN organizations. Member, US Society of Toxicology; Society of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology; Weed Science Society of America; and Egyptian Society of Toxicology. Rewarded the National Award on Agricultural Sciences, 1980 and offered the First Level Medallion of Science and Art by Decree of the President of Egypt, 1981.

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