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Senior Research Staff, Director General's Office, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPERI) Teunis van Rheenen, a citizen from The Netherlands, is the Coordinator for Partnership in the Partnership, Impact Assessment and Capacity Strengthening (PIC) Unit. In this capacity, he is responsible for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of strategic partnerships and networks. He has played a very active role in the development and implementation of the Institute's Middle East and North Africa strategy. Currently, he coordinates the IFAD-IFPRI Strategic Partnership Program which looks at market access and climate change issues. Dr. van Rheenen is also a Senior Research Fellow in the PIC Unit and he leads a variety of projects that address food security challenges in developing countries in Asia and Africa. From 2006 to 2010 he also held the position of Secretary to the IFPRI Board of Trustees.Before joining IFPRI, Teunis van Rheenen was a Senior Economist at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute in The Hague, The Netherlands, focusing on issues related to nature and the economy. In this capacity, he provided leadership to numerous national and international projects, and successfully participated in many fundraising efforts. Prior to this, at the University of Goettingen he worked on a project studying natural resource management issues in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. He has an extensive knowledge of Africa and worked for four years as the Scientific Coordinator of the Antenne Sahelienne Program in Burkina Faso. For his PhD, which he obtained from the Wageningen Agricultural University, he studied farm-level optimal resource allocation in East Java, Indonesia

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