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HC Lee

HC Lee is University Chair Professor of Biophysics at the National Central University and, since early 2012, University Chair Professor of Physics at the Chung Yuan Christian University. He was a Ministry of Education National Chair Professor from 2006 to 2009. Dr. Lee was educated at the National Taiwan University (BSc) and McGill University (PhD). He worked at the Canadian Chalk River Research Laboratories as a theoretical physicist, 1968 to 1993, and served as director of the Center for Mathematical Sciences, 1992-1993. In 1993 he returned to Taiwan to chair the Physics Department of the National Chung Hsing University from 1993 to 1995, when he moved to the Physics Department at the National Central University, where he has been a professor since. Prior to 1997 his research area was quantum field theory and mathematical physics. In 1997 he turned to theoretical and computational biology. From 2006 to early 2012 he was founding director at the Institute of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics at NCU. His Computational Biology Laboratory conducts cross-disciplinary research on computational genomics and systems biology. His current interest is application of functional genomics to cancer stem cell research and the design of repurposed drug compounds for systems treatment of complex diseases, including several types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and psychic disorders.

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