Educational System in Ireland

05 Jan 2010 The Irish Mary Hanafin T.D who is Appointed Minister for Social and Family Affairs on May 2008 and was Minister for Education and Science from September 2004 – May 2008 will give a lecture on the Educational System in Ireland on 5 January 2010 - the third floating room, Library of Alexandria . She will guide us through her journey when appointed Minister for Education and Science, as this sector caters for almost 1 million students from infant’s right through to higher education and lifelong learning. Almost 100,000 people are employed in schools, universities and Institutes of Technology. As Minister for Education and Science she reformed the system of teacher allocations for children with special educational needs. Also she developed DEIS, a co-ordinated system of supports for pupils in primary and post primary schools who are socially and economically disadvantaged. During her term as Minister she reformed the entry system for those who wish to study medicine Mary Hanafin T.D
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