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João de Carvalho

João de Saint Brisson Paes de Carvalho, holds a MBA from Amos Tuck School and a MSc in Environmental Engineering from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro's Polytechnic School. He has ample working experience in general management, business development, finance, R&D management and team building, in the chemical, plastic, electronic, biotech, finance and consulting industries. Worked in the biotechnology field for 10 years as Director of a start up in the natural drug research business, was executive Director of the Brazilian Biotech Business Association (ABRABI) and ran two research projects for biodegradable polimers (PHA) from glycerin fed bacteria and algae production in sugar/ethanol production wine for oil and feed. Today, he is the Principal of BiznessBrazil, consulting on finance, international trade and business in general. Has particular interest in the depletion of resources and on the recycling of waste

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