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Salah Hassouna

Prof. Salah Hassouna is an Emeritus Professor of Industrial and Environmental Microbiology at the Environmental Studies Department, and the Executive Director for the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit at the Institute of Graduate Studies & Research [IGSR], Alexandria University, Egypt . He served as Executive Director of UNARC (2003-2006) and as Vice-Dean of IGSR for Environmental Affairs and Community Development (2004-2006). His main research interests are fermentation technology, biofuels and waste management. He is an author of several papers as well as he supervised more than 60 graduate students on these subjects. He teaches at the departments of Environmental Studies and Biotechnology of IGSR. He was awarded by Alexandria University the “Scientific Encouragement Award” in 1987. He was a visiting fellow and research associate at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University (1979-1984). He was member of the team working on the Academic Link between IGSR and Imperial College, London, UK “Rehabilitation of Lake Maryout” (1996-1999). He was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to work on the biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds at Cornell University, USA (2000). He was the coordinator of an Academic Link between Imperial College, London and IGSR (2001-2003) on waste treatments. He is the principal investigator of several projects funded by the Supreme Council of Universities (2001-2002) and Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (2005-2008).

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