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Magued Youssef

Magued Youssef was appointed Director of the InWEnt Regional Office in Cairo, in October 2007. Born in 1969, he is an environmental chemist with experience in the fields of Policy and Management with a Master degree from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. His practical experience gained through working for the National Research Center (1993-1995), Egyptian Environmental Policy Programs (1998-2006), Forum for Industry and Technology (FIT 1999), and InWEnt since 2003 as project coordinator has adequately prepared and equipped him to develop a multi-facet career mixing technical competences with policy and management skills. In the span of the last 15 years, he has acquired a wealth of working knowledge of various policy and management approaches in Egypt, the USA, and Germany. His main areas of strength include environmental management systems (EMS), solid and hazardous waste management, environmental impact assessment, and Project Management. Himself a CDG Alumni since 2001, he undertook the notion “acting as multiplier” very seriously. He is a certified PREMA Trainer since 2005 and has been trained to introduce Environmental-oriented Cost Management (EoCM) which suit small and medium enterprises (SMEs). He participated in various capacity building measures including, Key Issues of PSP in Water Sector, Change Processes through Human Resources Development for the Water sector in the MENA region and e-Learning development and implementation (eLDI). Recently, he has been elected as Chairman for the EgyptPREMAnet. Among other areas of experience, he has acquired soft skills such as moderation and communication techniques, presentation skills as well as participatory approaches.

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