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Guilherme de Oliveira

Dr. Oliveira obtained his undergraduate degree form the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Biological Sciences. He obtained a PhD degree at Texas A&M University, USA in Microbiology. His group’s current main activities currently involve the use of genomics and computational tools in collaborative projects with the academic community and to employ these as means of innovation in the private sector. Historically, the group focuses on schistosomiasis research. More recently several projects in genomics and bioinformatics in many different model systems are also being conducted. Dr. Oliveira is a member of the Board of ISCB and the President of the Brazilian Society for Bioinformatics Computational Biology. The infrastructure and knowhow accumulated in the past few years have permitted the group to collaborate in genomics and bioinformatics work with a number of groups in diverse experimental models. http://cebio.org/ http://bioinfo.cpqrr.fiocruz.br/

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