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Mohamed Kamal Eldin Emam

Professor of the Islamic Shariah in the Faculty of Law-University of Alexandria. Ph.D. holder in comparative law, Prof. Emam is a member in the World Summit Conference for religions conversation-New York, a member in the board of directors of Saleh Kamel’s Center for Islamic economy, a member in the board of experts in the Destinations Studies Center in London and a member in the higher board of the Islamic affairs. He is the legal consultant for Al Azhar university and the scientific consultant for the Encyclopedia of Islamic jurisprudence-Oman. He is vice president in the Modern Muslim organization, an expert in the Islamic Organization for Science & Culture and a member in the National Committee for Legislative reform in the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. He is a scientific adviser in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and a visiting professor in a number of Arabic & Islamic universities.

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