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Abelhalim Nureldin

Prof. Dr. Abdelhalim Nureldin is Professor of Egyptology, Cairo University and Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Calligraphy Center he obtained below Prizes, Medals and Awards: -Awarded the prize of 5000 universal scientific personalities for the year 1984, -Presented by the American Biographical Institute, Washington, DC. -Presented by the American Bibliographical Institute, Washington, DC, 1984. -Listed in the Egypt Encyclopedia of Eminent Personalities. -Member of the MENA Encyclopedia "Prominent Egyptians of the 20th Century" 1996. -Awarded the Medal of Leiden University, The Netherlands, 1996. -Awarded the Medal of Merit of the Office of National Order, France, 1998. -Listed in Who is who, 1998. -Awarded the Nation Prize o Cairo University, 1998. -Decoration "commander" from the Republic of Italy, 2000. -National Prize of Egypt in Social Sciences, 2001. -Decoration of Honor from Germany, 2002. -National Medal of Republic of Yemen, 2004.

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