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Bent Petersen

Bent Petersen is an Associate Professor at the Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark. Bent has 8 years of experience within Bioinformatics, Computational biology, DNA Sequencing, NGS data analysis, Metagenomics, Protein structure prediction and Genome assembly of a variety of organisms, such as bacteria, insects, mammals, parasites, complex organisms and metagenomics samples. Currently, he is working within the area of Metagenomics with special focus on Next Generation Sequencing technologies. Bent has made a significant contribution in exciting large variety of exciting projects - spanning from ancient horses to modern breeds, extinct animals, malaria parasites, and metagenomics samples from exotic places. The results have been published in high-impact journals such as Science, Nature, Cell and PNAS. In 2014, he started his own company together with his colleagues. Bison-SeqTech offers fast and highly professional bioinformatics services that are tailored to the customers’ needs. While providing easily affordable access to a top 100 High-Performance Computer Systems Bison-SeqTech is not hindered by traditional cluster and cloud limitations, such as insufficient memory, processing capabilities, and disk space. Bent is a passionate blogger and science enthusiast. Read more at www.bpetersen.dk and www.bison-seqtech.dk

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